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Daon Lo says Yes to Machine Guns

Daon Lo
Posted on Nov 04 2018 at 1:59 PM
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I hear on radio yesterday that Senator Harry Reid say no way does he have votes for assault weapons ban. I say machine guns are best thing to ever happen to my home country of Vietnam. Big G.Is brought M16s to help our people be free-and look what happen. Many of us got to come to America to give happy endings and run hot pot restaurants.

Now I watch Piers Morgan and Michael Moore be angry on my TV. The Limey and the Fatty are true PHOs of liberty. Their circle jerk of vile lies about how bad guns be make me want to lock them in Video Room of my adult bookstore until they pass out or die.

Then they say Yoko Ono tweet that millions of people die from gun violence since her Commie Beatle husband Got shot. I agree to keep weapons from bitter geishas is good but law abiding Americans no need to suffer for mistakes of a few million crazy people. After all, whole USA already punish for reelecting scary skinny Sambo as President.