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Liberal Libya Lies

C. Wadsworth
Posted on May 01 2013 at 10:40 AM
Latest Articles | C. Wadsworth

I'm madder than a camel dry humping pictures of the Prophet Mohammed at the liberal lies about Libya. The continuing prevarication of the pusillanimous pussies in charge of our foreign policy now leads me to revise my previous post on the Middle East. I improperly used the wrong conjunction: the US should KICK THEIR ASS OR TAKE THEIR GAS!!!

As the recently released video of the Benghazi attack makes clear, we should have IMMEDIATELY launched an indiscriminate drone strike or bombing raid. Those kinds of kills have made us friends in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yemen, Chad and elsewhere these Muslim scum congregate. If our on ground CIA personnel can't protect our ambassador, then our carrier based aircraft or cruise missiles can. As soon as the live video feed from Libya hit the no longer White House Situation Room, the decision to use overwhelming deadly force should have been automatic. even if B"Golfer Whoneedsyou O"B-ball was off playing around as usual, Isn't that why he has Hillary; to do the real work and thinking while he engages in endless rounds of leisure activities such as socializing with Jay-Z and Beyonce or secret sodomy?

Whatever the actual facts, as far as I am concerned, the more dead Arabs the better. This "War Through Weakness" travesty of a foreign policy will only end when we vote GOD"S OWN MORMON Mitt Romney and Paul "P90X" Ryan into office. Hell, Ryan alone could be a 21st Century Rambo and Tai Bo some A-Rab bitches to death with his rippling muscles and elastic cords of justice. PLEASE VOTE EARLY AND OFTEN AND REPUBLICAN!!!



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