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Justice Still Dead: Scalia Deification Blues

Jack O'Mahoff
Posted on Apr 24 2019 at 12:48 PM
Latest Articles | Jack O'Mahoff

The continued deifications of the now long-dead "Justice" Antonin Scalia weary me.  It's not kind to speak ill of the dead, but neither is it helpful to lie for a person who granted no quarter to anyone, including, of course, his legions of enemies real and imagined:  wage earners, mothers on welfare, anyone on food stamps, liberals, homosexuals, school teachers, democrats, anyone in credit card debt, women employed by Wal-Mart, any and sundry all American citizens who couldn't match campaign donations with the likes of his friends the Koch Brothers.

Some web sites report that Scalia was murdered by a faction of Obama supporters at the DNC. Others report he had his throat slit by a teenage boy he was buggering at the rent-a-boy ranch run by a spooky looking putz with intelligence ties.  Only one thing is certain:  the dude who ran that ranch where Scalia mysteriously died and never received an autopsy is one weird looking motherfucker (John Poindexter), in the mold of DNC creep John (and his brother Tony) Podesta, whose sadistic child-love proclivities have also been rumored via the super creepy Pizzagate menu, etc.  All 'conspiracy theory'?  Sure, let's write it all off with the CIA's favorite buzzword (created in 1967 to neutralize truth and cover the agency tracks in JFK's murder), but a word of advice: Don't look too closely if you value your sleep at night, or still cling desperately to your precious ideologue notions that one or the other of our two political "parties" can save us from the other.

The Scalia enemies list is long and includes anyone who wasn't a member of the Federalist (Read: Fascist) Society which helped spawn and nurture him as it does any degenerate its nasty members feel will further the nwo goals they espouse – most importantly corporate control, full spectrum dominance of all life on earth by corporations, at the expense, of course, of all living things, all of God's creatures who survive without representation by fat trolls disguised as Congressmen or Supreme Court justices.

Scalia was a zany, a mountebank, a bleeting goat without sense or dignity. Like all bullies, he had no fundamental respect for humanity.  No Judicial robes could hide the morbid obesity of his personhood (proven by his rubber stamping of so-called "Citizens United"), the moral stench of his routine genuflections to all things corporate, the nakedly cruel degeneracy of his bully boy personality.  He was a sadist who delighted in humiliating anyone who came before his court with an argument contrary to his ludicrous self-bleating notion of being a constitutional "originalist."

There was never anything remotely "original" in any of Scalia's thinking.  He simply began every "analysis" by matching it to his one ethos: might makes right, and those who had the power to place him on the court were to be given the nod in whatever case came before him.  Scalia was a rank ideologue, plain and simple, who did the bidding of his masters.  He knew them as his masters because he was a social Darwinist.  He knew that might makes right, that freedom of the press exists for those who own one, that whoever was paying the expenses for his numerous hunting trips and visits to speak at Koch brothers' functions were his masters.

Scalia was never anything more than a common bully with a bully pulpit.  No number of revisionist adjective-noun combinations from like-minded apologist whores at the Wall Street Journal or the CIA's Washington Post or the CIA's favorite fake-left trumpet, the NY Times, which still defends the ludicrous Warren Commission, start there, trolls – "brilliant legal mind," "bullwark conservative jurist," etc. – can hide the rancid racism of his dark soul and the gleeful bully routine which never failed to shock the suckers in his court (who had naively imagined justice from him was possible) and delighted his neo conservative cronies, political gadflies and corporate defense attorneys – from Wal-Mart, Teva, Wyeth, Tyson, Koch Ondustries – who were all in on the inside joke.

It was a great joke while it lasted, at the expense of the enormous majority of the American people.

Get Over It

Never was The Scalia disdain for democracy, for voters, for the rights of man more clear than Bush v Gore in 2000. Led by transparently Sophist arguments from Bush family friend Jim Baker, Scalia voted that properly counting the votes of a million Floridians in Broward and Dade County  would infringe the constitutional rights of one George W. Bush. Ludicrous is the only word for the reasoning, and when later asked by law students about it, Scalia, the legal genius, explained it this way: "Get over it."

What those students of history and the future lawyers of America were supposed to get over, clearly, was democracy. They were supposed to get over the idea that we were a nation of laws and not men, as Jefferson cautioned we must be, if we were to avoid the pitfalls that had undone great democracies before us – in Greece, Rome and France, etc. Scalia's greatest accomplishment was in helping to hasten us to reach that end. Scalia didn't have an "original" bone in his body.  If he had, he might have studied a little history before selling out our democracy, our country's history, to the highest bidder.

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