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JFK Blown Away

C. Wadsworth
Posted on Feb 03 2016 at 9:40 AM
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I'm more excited than the shooter on the grassy knoll when the kill shot hit at the 50th anniversary of that callow Democrat womanizer JFK receiving his back and to the left comeuppance in downtown Dallas. Frankly, other than the Cowboys and the UT-OU game, this historic event is about the only part of the City of Big Hair I like. But what a wondrous positive!

I still thrill when I watch Zapruder Frames 110 onward: the limo ducking behind the sign (oddly removed shortly after), Kennedy clutching his throat, Connally's cheeks puffing like a chipmunk, that rich bitch Jackie cradling his slumping body. And the piece de resistance: the crimson splatter of our 35th President's brain matter spraying into the. November Texas sky like fireworks at the State Fair.

It makes a native Texan's heart proud to know our glorious state was so infused with right wing hate that offing this Commie coddler came as second nature here. And I don't give an armadillo's ass if Oswald was a patsy, a participant or a Putz (as the Rabbi would say). He lived at least three lives: military spy, defector and known forever as the Jack Tatum of the School Book Depository: they call HIM assassin even if he was simply sipping a Coke on the 3rd floor while LBJ's hit man Mac Wallace was actually pulling the trigger and leaving palm prints on the 6th floor.

And speaking of Landslide Lyndon: Et Tu, Baines? That blessed afternoon, the U.S. Finally matured into a corrupt empire with its very own Right Hand Man ASSASSINATION, just like those Old World European countries we claim superiority over. And let's not forget to toss salad at that old queen J Edgar Hoover for his role in the cover up. And I would be remiss to not also thank The Mafia, Cuban exile community, CIA and the military-industrial complex for their co-starring roles in the greatest production of the 20th Century. Bravo and Kudos to All!

Some weak whiners may say that sunny day in Dallas is a dark mark against our liberty, the beginning of the end of our democracy. But I say they can just drop that opinion in the Atlantic Ocean after a rapid refurbishing as they did the death car or burn those thoughts like Dr Humes' did his autopsy notes. November 22, 1963 is the greatest date in American history and if you don't agree with me, I can arrange a triangulation of fire in Dealey Plaza for your sorry ass next time you visit Dallas.