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Israel knows Football

Jack O'Mahoff
Posted on Apr 10 2018 at 3:25 PM
Latest Articles | Jack O'Mahoff

Of course C. Wad is right about the Jews pressing their supreme military and political advantages to finish off the Palestinians. With summer heat in Houston making us feel like there's no way out short of death, bringing me perilously close to identifying with the underdog losers in the holy land (the Palestinians, of course), I'm fondly looking forward to the beginning of the cooler days which herald the beginning of football season, to put things in proper prospective. Like us Americans, I know that Jews also love football, because they clearly know how the game is played, which is just one more reason for us to love them back.

Like us regular Americans (goyim), Jews learn their foreign policy skills from NFL football. The team that wins is the team that gets their foot on the other's neck and doesn't just keep it there; it stomps down hard and harder until the other quits breathing. This is all as it should be, of course. Might makes right, the devil takes the hindmost. If you've got an advantage, and clearly the Jews do have an advantage, just like the Americans they control through Israeli-first politicians like the "Independent" Joe Lieberman, or Demrats John Kerry, Barrack Obama, etc. al., then you need to press that advantage. It's the law of the jungle, so keep your goddamn kids off the beaches if you don't want Israel shooting their asses off.

Just let me offer one piece of advice for our Jewish brethren: You might do well to give the Palestinians a few big screen TV sets on Sundays with full access to NFL football games. Then those Palis (who are politically inept and not pals with anyone) will be able to see why they not only deserve to have the shit stomped out of them; they can see that this is how the game needs to be played. Go Israel!



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