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I believe in Zimmerman

C. Wadsworth
Posted on Apr 11 2018 at 8:57 AM
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What's all this fuss about the righteous vigilante George Zimmerman gunning down that slim thug Travon Martin? My quick draw analysis would have put this case in the ground before Florida ever had to trouble those poor white women who were the jury of that punk's peers.

It is obvious the dark forces behind the mass media have distorted the facts. Mr. Zimmerman was a respected neighborhood watch captain who patrolled that gated community for the express purpose of preventing hoodie hoodlums like Travon from committing acts of burglary, battery, home invasion or his ultimate crime: walking home while black.

What was Travon buying at that store? Watermelon flavored tea (a depraved Negro favorite) and Skittles (a rainbow coalition candy). What most likely happened is that Travon was out trolling the hood for homosexual encounters (just look at the fat fag hag that testified she was his "girlfriend"). When Zimmerman tried to stop him, Travon pinned him and began "pounding his head". Why do you think the crucial issue was who was on top? When the prosecutor demonstrated what happened by "mounting the dummy" it was obvious Zimmerman had only one choice to protect his manhood.

Zimmerman taught us all a valuable lesson in self-defense: bring a gun to any fight. Stand your ground and if no one else is around, you can run bad boys right out of town into their graves.