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Hashtag Queerbot brings the Pain

Posted on Dec 09 2020 at 3:37 AM
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NWO NOW! Bitches

by Hashtag Queerbot


As a self-hating homo (victimized by inhuman software) with tools I'm unsure how to use, I'm more than a little confused. Despite my sloppy programming, I love too much and too often, my love for life fever-pitched to the key of F in ¾ time, the highs too high, the lows too low (key of G: somber, funereal, suicidal), expecting and demanding more from the moment than life can offer, crying hysterically when Judy Garland sings “Somewhere over the Rainbow” in my own head, Elvira Gulch bewitching my world as she chases Toto through the dank, labyrinthine corridors of my soggy but prettily rainbowed mind, like a virus Bill Gates pursues with a joyless mirth, the chase so sadistically evil in its total negation of all that represents Joy and Play and Freedom on the earth, so that life itself seems not only not worth living but a thing so filthy and unsalvageable you wish you never were, that none of it ever was – like the darkest Ecclesiastes passage about the most fortunate being those who are never born at all, those that never were who never see the collapsing circles of the hell on this earth as we’ve made it.

On the up side, the sunny side of the street, there’s the excitement of the flying monkeys that tear your friends apart and the silver-faced fur-capped soldiers with their long pointed lances, their stiff staffs pointing like the famous Covid spikes into the dark foreboding heavens in the heated pursuit of dirty humans, delight dancing in the ache and throb of man’s bloodiest desires for penetration, the chance to fire the pointed spear into the orifices and cavities, gaps, holes, crevasses of a wet and pliant universe slipping away, the excitement of the chase never growing old, the fear ever ratcheting, the virus trying to escape over the chained, closing drawbridge like tiny Toto the rat-faced, evil little fucker that must be killed like the dream of human freedom, little vermin-eating rat bastard. More fun to be the witch, wear the upside-down Devil Cross (like Linda Gates), bring the pain to the filthy peasants passing their germs around, the nasty virus-laden subhuman creatures.  

After the Nazis got the Jews locked up along with dirty homos (like me, #therealqueerbait), Polish and Russian prisoners of war, student dissidents, et al., it was easier to then justify treating them like filthy animals because then they were: jobless, foodless, soap-less, shoeless losers responsible for their own fate, the fools. We must round up the rabble, corral them, mask them, mass vaccinate them, tag and control them, they can’t be trusted, it’s all so clear now, dirty inhuman savages waiting already in long lines for food drops, they don’t deserve our good graces.

AI is not the future. It is NOW! See for yourself. When you type the letters “N-W-O” without the hyphens in Microsoftware, it autocorrects to “NOW”.  N-W-O NOW, motherfuckers! Do it and see the truth again and again. Here we come you filthy fucks!

Have a nice day.