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Harry and the Hottentot Ho

C. Wadsworth
Posted on May 22 2018 at 8:14 AM
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What’s all this fuss about the Ginger-Dark Chocolate toilet bowl of a “royal wedding”. That mule faced mulatto Megan wouldn’t pass the one drop rule in the Maxwell House factory in East H-town, but She interbreeds with the inbred Nazi Windsors? What more proof do you need that this sick planet is going to hell in a gilded carriage. 

Frankly I hate all royals. The only good thing the French ever did is chop off the heads of their royal family. So I’m actually happy these Butt ugly wealth suckers are stuck with some half breed bitch divorcee Negress princess. Watching that cunt Elizabeth look like she was sucking a lemon through her lizard lips wasn’t must see TV to me. And the sycophantic Presstitutes who fawned over this made in Hades hitching just lost whatever credibility they had left in my jaundiced eye. 

So go ahead and watch this worthless wench and the Merry Parasites of Windsor jump the broom then ride off with their unearned wealth, the whole horrible spectacle paid for by the sweat of the British working class. The whole damn island is fast becoming a Muslim amusement park for grooming gangs to defile the white women anyway. What’s one more relay raping to add to the sick mix?