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Governor Fattie Bridge Collapse

C. Wadsworth
Posted on Apr 11 2018 at 8:54 AM
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What's all this fuss about that morbidly obese Obama lover Chris Christie shutting down a bridge between Jersey and NYC for a few days? What did you expect from a Tony Soprano lookalike who's only claim to fame is crawling up O'Bastard's Bunghole during Hurricane Sandy?

Christie looked like his fellow cetaceans cornered in a cove by Jap hunters at his interminable press conference today. All he kept saying was me, me, me, like the kid at a candy store he used to be who can't stop shoveling bons bons down his gullet. Doesn't he have any empathy for the drivers caught in the traffic jam he caused? One of the reporters should have pointed out it could have delayed medical patients on their way to stomach stapling surgery.

Actually, Governor Fattie did New Yorkers a favor by keeping the bridge and tunnel crowd out of Manhattan. They should stay on the Jersey Shore, get drunk and give each other STDs. All I ever heard of Fort Lee, New Jersey was that Rosanne Rosannadanna used to get letters from there on the old Saturday Night Live that she would answer with disgusting images. Much like the rest of the country's mental views of New Jersey

Hopefully, this scandal will stomp speculation of this Yankee bully running for President in 2016 like an elephant stomping an anthill. Then a real Republican like Rand Paul can bitch slap Hillary Clinton and the army of pissant peasants waiting to suckle her lesbian mammaries when she retakes the no longer White House for white trash from Arkansas.