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Get Behind Rectal Rehydration

Anna Coldbottom
Posted on Apr 10 2018 at 3:21 PM
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All americans should get behind rectal rehydration (little pun there). The media is acting like we should hide rectal rehydration as something shameful. Prison rape is as American as apple pie, sweetie. One in five women get raped, so why not men, and why not arab terrorist men or whatever men get dragged into the CIA dragnet looped around the world? Anyway, rape is a common, everyday occurrence, not any big deal cause it's in the butt or whatever. We need to get behind our CIA officers doing this important work.

So get behind anal rape! That's funny. Maybe we could let some of the real experienced anal rapers out of our prisons, let them join the CIA to show them how it's really done. It will be a lot more humiliating to a raghead terrorist to be kissed on the neck while he is being rectally rehydrated. I read that's how they do it in prison. The raper gets behind the bottom man and chokes him out until he's unconscious, then does his business, often kissing the unconscious rapee on his neck. I think the CIA could take a hard lesson from some maximum security prison rapers, really learn how rectal rehydration is done right.

Also, I think O'Mahoff has a swell idea. Waterboarding and/or anal raping democrat losers in Washington really could teach them the importance of enhanced interrogation. One good anal rape would probably show most democrats why enhanced interrogation and especially rectal rehydration is so useful to America.