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Gay Bashing Exclusive

Jack O'Mahoff
Posted on Feb 03 2016 at 9:27 AM
Latest Articles | Jack O'Mahoff

Gay bashing needs to remain an exclusive sport. I enjoy gay bashing as much as any red-blooded Republican, but I take exception to our own C. Wadsworth Longfellow’s inviting alliance with this “Michelle” person, apparently a counterculture dyke of some sort who has decided to announce, “God hates fags.” Strange bedfellows will never work for our party, which must remain as exclusive as the gated communities which protect us from outsiders of all stripes.

All of us at know that C. Wad means well, that he has our best interests at heart, but anti-gay sentiments and fear of “the other” are the very fiber and foundation of our party; so we cannot invite counterculture types like this Michelle person to water down our values by piggybacking our platform.

It is truly unfortunate when some people who ought to know better try to join our Religious fight, our Republican Right, decades-long crusade against gays. People like this Michelle person are best ignored, which is why I'm not saying anything more about her. I'm not even thinking about her at all, any more. I'm not. Believe me. Trust me. She's not even on the map in my mind. She's a non enity, a zero, a nothing, a nada, not even an afterthought of an aborted idea that wasn't even remotely half-cocked in the first place.