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Fun in Ferguson

C. Wadsworth
Posted on Apr 10 2018 at 3:47 PM
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We here at Houston Republican would like to offer this brief statement of support for the glorious grand jury no bill in the Ferguson cop case It is easy to see who is at fault: the permissive society that allows these animals to roam the streets with impunity, steal Swisher Sweets from convenience stores and finally meet their justified end in a hail of twelve the young thug tried to run away like some show me state OJ. It also reveals the bankruptcy of so-called "community policing".I recommend "pugilistic policing" to pick off any pickaninny who dares violate private property rights. God also blames our "community organizer" half breed President, the 13th Amendment, The Missouri Compromise and the failure to establish Liberia as a safe haven to purify our polity.



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