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Froggie went a Sportin'

C. Wadsworth
Posted on Feb 03 2016 at 9:24 AM
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What's all this fuss about Belgium beating the USA in some Fag Football? I've got their World Cup hanging across my giant testicles that rule this Soccer Ball they call "Our Planet".

It's OUR planet, you foreign freaks, so watch as we keep raping its essence and doing whatever we God-Damn well please with it. Not even that Kenyan Sodomite you tried to foist on us can stop our triumph. So choke on our smoke, send us your resources, and maybe we won't bomb you back to the Stone Age before we all end up there anyway.

Your "international game" is as lame as a shale shell hole after my oil company fracks it until it can't lubricate and spews methane across our dying air. You say it ain't fair? It's as fair as your referees allowing fouls against our Negroes while your fat coach chokes on Moules Frites.

I only hope Belgium's next match is against Germany. Without America to save their decadent asses, they'll squeal like Anne Frank being gang banged in a Brussels attic by the Gestapo. Long Live the USA-the rest of the world can just go away!!!