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Top Five Reasons to vote for the Rominator

C. Wadsworth
Posted on Nov 04 2018 at 1:59 PM
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As the upperclassmen used to say in my frat when they paddled my ass, banged my chick and made me roll around in a super slide of their jizz, piss, and vomit: time to man up. And while I love my fellow posters here at, I damn sure ain't taking voting advice from bros, hos, chinks, spics, Papists or Hebrews (though I might let the last be my doctor or show business manager). So here it is: straight from the id of the angry white man: the top 5 reasons to vote for Mitt Romney over O'cantevenwritehisname:

5 Though both of them believe in strange religions I despise, between Muslims and Mormons, at least Mormons are Americans.

4, Though both of their ancestors were polygamists, Obama is a secret sodomite with Kumar.

3. Though both of them went to elite Ivy League schools, Obama climbed the branches through affirmative action; Romney got in the old fashioned way – family money.

 2, Though both are millionaires who are clueless about how regular people live, Romney at least isn't a hypocrite who pretends to care.

And Finally 1. Take a long, hard look in the mirror and see beneath the fear, self-loathing, and failure and understand that MITT ROMNEY is the last best hope to stop the absolute and final degradation, mongrelization and socialization of American society.Change has turned deranged; get a rope for Hope. Don't let Lady Liberty continue to be grudge fucked by a half breed bastard. TUESDAY IS JUDGMENT DAY!!!