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False flags, Pumped up Fags

C Wad Drunk
Posted on May 01 2019 at 3:36 PM
Latest Articles | C Wad Drunk

What’s all this fuss about a bunch of flash powder PVC pipes supposedly sent by a roided Pinoy to mostly out of office DemonRats?  The whole story stinks more than a Filipina hooker’s pussy after a week of banana shows.

Anyone with an ounce of brains knows those packages never had a chance of reaching the alleged addressees. So they want us to believe this Chippendale wannabe has never heard of the Secret Service? Or that Billionaire Fellow Travelers like Soros and Steyer don’t have servant screeners or even cameras in front of their mail boxes?

And speaking of male boxes, I saw his attorneys have serious doubts this arrested development weirdo who literally lived in a van down by the river had the mental capacity to execute this excellent adventure, or even afford parcel postage-uncanceled no less- to send these non-functioning farce devices all over the country.

But we all know who did- the same group that covered for and protected Whitey Bulger for years then had him whacked as he transferred within their prison system. Conveniently, it all went down right as hound face Mueller’s Russia hoax is collapsing.  But don’t worry, I #believeallwomen so these upstanding skanks who now claim Bobby Boy tried to force them to go down on his drooping phallus will hopefully have the last word before Trump goes all ballistic on the Deep State with his Super Mario missile of righteous vengeance. MAGA!