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Facegook Censorship: The Grotesque Solution

C. Wadsworth
Posted on Apr 11 2018 at 11:07 AM
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WHAT’S all this fuss about Mark Suckerberg and his kid’s toy Fakebook? Watching him testify in his high chair before Congress yesterday made me want to slap his baby face then take away his bib so the apple sauce of lies dribbles out his chin onto the Sabbath suit he obviously hasn’t worn since his Bar Mitzvah.

We here at believe in free speech for all-not just for misguided Millennials, Chicken hawk war mongers, and Hebrew hucksters like Suckerberg. Look at what his sick site did just this week-dare to censor the sensible Negresses Diamond and Silk, who’s only “crime” was to lay syrupy love like Aunt Jemima on Emperor God Trump. Thomas Jefferson would be turning Sally Hemings over in his bed at this blatant violation of freedom of speech.

Your privacy is lost every time Fakebook spies on you – just like the government does to your every email, text and phone call. Data mining is strip mining of the mind to feed the greed of corporate controllers who if they can’t hook you on their Big Pharma drugs or con you into volunteering for a phony foreign war sparked by a false flag, want to monitor your every thought and action. And these businesses and enabling devices even record you when they claim to be turned off. That sounds dangerously close to how my ex wife used to treat my oil drill when she claimed she was “too tired” or “had a headache” so I dropped into the champagne room at Centerfolds for a little extracurricular relief.

The bottom line is all this whiny Web robber baron cares about is shoveling as many shekels as possible into his pockets while piously proclaiming to protect you and connect you while really working for the Deep State to rape and hate you. My prayer is that we all awake to his perfidious platform and either refuse to use it or regulate it like the public utility the blind polity has made it.

C Wadsworth Longfellow heeds the call of Hardy Boehner to bring Houston Republican back from the wilderness in these troubled times. Heil Trump!