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Dr. Mengeli loves Amerika

Posted on Apr 10 2018 at 3:46 PM
Latest Articles | Mengeli

Heil H--, er…excuse me, I meant, welcommen all gut folk at ‘Zis is your brand new correspondent, Eugene H. “Eugenics” Mengeli writing his first ever article for mein favorite online magazine. Ach, reading ‘zis mag’s wunderbar articles from such excellent writers as C. Wadsworth Longfellow, Jack O’Mahoff und, of course, the blond and Aryan-hot Anna Coldbottom, brings back such memories of my early days in Munich, and of course later at Birkenau, Ausch--,er, excuse me again, I meant New York City and now Florida. 

How many lonely jungle nights have I spent with such literary geniuses...ach, it makes one weep for the good ol’ days. When you live in disg--, I mean, when one lives with one’s traveling laboratory in foreign lands, one comes to adore the marvels of wireless communications und good ol’ fashioned polemics.  It reminds one fondly of one’s youth, spent reading the works of my close friends Adolf Eichmann und Julius Streicher.

Well, enough about me.  Today I write about Russians.  These schweinhunde think they can just roll in and steal Eastern Ukraine.  It makes me sick. The Ukrainians have historically been excellent allies of Germany. Why, I knew hundreds of Ukrainian camp guards in my day. That’s why you see so many anti-Russian comments from German politicians:  It’s still difficult to find good help today. America awake! It’s not about Ukraine joining NATO and threatening Russia‘s entire southern border! (imagine Mexico going jihadist) It’s not about the gas pipelines!  It’s not about heating oil!  It’s not about the Russain Black Sea nuclear fleet based in Crimea! It’s about eradicating our allies!   Americans, you have also been wonderful allies to us Germans!  Look how much you have copied our efficient methods of conquering countries!  It makes my head spin to think of what Germany could have accomplished if we had only had drones!