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Didn't Need No Welfare State

C. Wadsworth
Posted on Feb 03 2016 at 10:16 AM
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Bill Clinton may have been a lecherous hick who let a fat Jewess Deep Throat his Maypole, but at least he had one proper policy as President. He made those Cadillac driving welfare queens and their lazy drug dealing young bucks actually WORK for their chunk of government cheese.

But I just saw Mitt Romney"s new commercial where he exposes the latest shiftless policy of BaRobber Handout O"Bumlover, who plans to eliminate the requirement that his "bros and ho"s" labor for their lavish lifestyle, He wants to include "education" and "job training" as part of the criteria for these hobos to suck the Government Mammy"s teat.   

Honestly, O"TaxMe can do whatever he wants with the Ill gotten income he leeches from his cushy Washington job. But when he steals MY money, it should go to throwing these indigent beggars on the rock pile or road crew where they belong. Why waste mountains of Federal Reserve Notes trying to cram "knowledge" in the minds of the clearly inferior. If they had any brains, they wouldn't be on welfare in the first place!   

I only hope this election sends O"FoodStamp back to Africa, Indonesia, Hawaii, HELL or wherever this worthless waste of a Kenyan/Kansan zygote hatched.