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DNC sues silenced Assuange

Jack O'Mahoff
Posted on Apr 20 2018 at 4:39 PM
Latest Articles | Jack O'Mahoff

Editor's note:  Since the democrats and the DNC now provide the laughs where the Bush administration and Republican stalwarts like Rush Limibaugh and Mitt Romney used to, we've been forced to entirely retool.  We are aware of straying far from our usual satire.  What to do?  Which way to go?  Since the "real news" of today is now mostly disinformation (if indeed it was ever more than that), what are satirists to do? When fake news is real, as it now mostly is, then real news is fake. Hence, we're no longer at all sure what exactly we are producing. We leave it all to the discretion of smart readers like you.

We submit that the Deep State, moving to destroy Donald Trump and any nationalistic fervor left over from the 2016 election, has smoothly silenced Julian Assuange; so that he cannot defend himself against the absurd lawsuit launched by the DNC today against his Wikileaks, the Trump campaign, and the Russian government.

Let’s recall that at least one back story in this sordid tableaux is still as hot as the front end of this one:

Snopes’ Masterful Masturbators
Recall that those masterful masturbators of all things disinfo,, report that it was only right wing web sites which reported Hillary Clinton wanted to launch a drone strike to kill Julian Assuange.

“Can’t we just drone this guy?” Hillary reportedly said to State Department officials at a Nov. 23, 2010, meeting with other officials.  That was the story from True Pundit, at any rate, and it was not hard then, or now, to believe.  The cavalier way in which Mrs. Clinton suggested murdering the Wikileaks founder so easily recalled the way in which her war-monger policies assured the murder of Lybia’s Muammar Gaddafi that it was not hard to believe the True Pundit piece.

Who can forget how Mrs. Clinton trumpeted, “We came, we saw, he died,” in front of running cameras, and then laughed in a fashion that can only be described as demonic. (Caution:  Do not watch that video if you like to sleep at night.)

And even if you’re the sort of blood-hungry American degenerate with the mind of a tape worm who enjoys murdering other country’s leaders, plundering their countries of gold and other precious minerals, completely destroying their infrastructure for the benefit of your NWO Rothschild banking system clients, it’s certainly bad form to hire thugs to murder someone in their own hometown and then laugh about it with cameras rolling.

Anyone who has seen that macabre tape of Ms. Clinton – then our country’s highest-ranking state department official – laughing at Mr. Gaddafi’s torture murder, would not have any difficulty believing that she so casually suggested the murder of Mr. Assuange: “Can’t we just drone him?”

“Ah, but we but teach bloody instructions, which, being taught, return to plague the inventor.” – So said Macbeth, and so say we of Hillary Clinton.

By the 2016 election, the former first lady probably wished that she had done to Mr. Assuange what she had done to Mr. Gaddafi.  As much as anything, it seems the DNC’s ridiculous, groundless lawsuit is some sort of distraction to prevent or forestall a likely indictment of Mrs. Clinton and the DNC.  (Bernie Sanders and a couple million democrats ought to sue those newly-minted “plaintiffs” for voter fraud, and for disenfranchisement. That would be a suit with some merit.)

The whole lawsuit announced today by the DNC is much ado about nothing, the last gasp of a dying party.  There’s virtually zero evidence of any Russian collusion with Trump in the election, and Wikileaks never stole anything.  All Mr. Assuange did through Wikileaks was print material that was leaked to him.  And since the deep state three weeks ago rendered Julian Assuange incommunicado in Ecuador, cutting off not only his internet access but also his phone line, he has no way of defending himself against these scurrilous charges. 

The Russians, of course, won’t have to defend themselves, either, except with missiles, which, of course, the Neocon assholes running our foreign policy may insist on.  The U.S. Courts have no jurisdiction over Russia.

Mr. Assuange strongly hinted that the murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich leaked the emails to wikileaks, but his policy being never to reveal a source, he was not able to verify what nearly everybody with half a brain has since surmised.  Mr. Rich’s parents protested that Fox News announced that he was the source of the leak, likely because they don’t want to be murdered as he was, in an alleged “botched robbery.”  (How many people do you know who get shot in the back and the killer doesn’t so much as take a wallet?  It’s the sort of murder that can only happen to a DNC staffer, or maybe to a former Clinton aid at Starbucks.)   Were I a parent of Seth Rich, I would also vehemently deny that he was the leaker.  I would also deny that he was murdered for any political reason.  Case closed. 

With the Clintons, the case is always closed.  The media darlings just keep right on walking on air, when they’re not being inconvenienced by the “glass ceiling” which stopped Mrs. Clinton from taking the presidency.  That and a majority of sensible American voters.

Illuminati Watch:  It seems significant that demrats filed this suit on Hitler's birthday, an important date in Illuminati circles.