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This web site debunks the Big Lie of Liberal Media. We exist because so many people watch TV and surf the web like moths doing wingovers into tiki torch flames. Fly away, Love.  

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Dem Bombs Scare America

Jack O'Mahoff
Posted on Oct 29 2018 at 12:51 PM
Latest Articles | Jack O'Mahoff

Terror! Terror!  Terror!

You never want a serious crisis to go to waste, as Democrat operative/Israel-firster Rahm Emanuel has so eloquently stated.*

The great Dem bombing scare (some call it a hoax because the "bombs" were inoperative, but never mind the details) is a great time for government to take more control of people's unruly minds.  It's a great time to scare people into giving up more personal freedoms so that government can keep working to keep people safe to exercise their freedoms. If you find any contradiction there, we may need to re-educate you in the brave new world we are making up as we go along.  Try to follow the genius of the plan.

Any reading material, like packaged bombs, can now be considered incendiary.  Mike Adams, for one, in reporting that the bombs were not real and could not have harmed anyhone, is now inciting violence against MSM and the FBI, threatening our democratic institutions. 

So get out your best black dress, J Edgar.  We need a real man, dressed like a woman, to suck off another man, dressed like a man pretending to be a man dressed like a man.  We need a code red terror alert from the incomparable W to explain terrorists are everywhere disguised in "civilian uniforms."   When do we start rounding them up?  Where can I sign up as an informant to save myself?  Whom do we salute next?  What color arm bands is the party wearing now?  Send me the latest list of the enemies of the state.  I'm not on it, am I?  Whom do I need to hate the most?  Is Goldstein still our president? Who is Number 1?

We've neutralized Adams and Jones (Alex) by banning them on Youtube and de-listing or throttling their sites on the web, but we need better intelligence, faster communications, more corporate-friendly politicians, more pedophiles in key positions.  We can do better, and we must.  Our enemies are resourceful and so are we.  They never stop thinking of new ways to harm our country, and neither do we.  Selah!


•  Natural News says FBI is lying to America

* FactCheck: Bum rap for Rahm