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Death is our leading export

Jack O'Mahoff
Posted on Sep 24 2012 at 3:02 PM
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Bravo and Amen, Rabbi. Death and destruction, and now Reconstruction (eh Dick Cheney, wink wink) are our leading American exports, and McCain's whimsical "Bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran" sentiment echoing the Beach Boys' classic is certainly shared by every legitimate republican. We can't stand idly by whenever one of these camel jockeys slaughters one of our CIA ambassadors in their filthy streets. If we need to rein down ordinance on people who butcher our ambassadors, then so be it.

Now, if just one of those reactionary loonies gains access to a suitcase nuke and takes out one of our cities, well, that's a fair price to pay for freedom. So Bombs away, Boys! I can see Slim Pickens riding that baby out the bombay doors straight to hell right now, and by God it makes me proud to think of dying in a nuclear conflagration for my country.

The former rabbi also points out the alien-in-chief's plans to legitimize illegal aliens with readymade citizenship. I don't mind a few illegals blowing leaves off the fairways on my golf course or leaning against "SLOW" signs along roadway construction sites, but this is getting ridiculous. Who's going to pay for all these peoples' health care? You and me, the taxpayers, of course. Pregnant illegals now slip across the border in Texas and get their babies delivered free at U.S. hospitals, while it costs real americans who live here ten grand cash to have a legal baby, on top of all the insurance they're already paying. And these illegals are clogging up the roads and schools, too, roads and schools that real Americans pay for while the illegal beaners ship the money they make back to Mexico. Does Obama think making them legal will put them on the tax rolls so we can keep some of their money here to pay for all the services they use? I wish there were some plan like that in place, but hell if I know if there is.



Don't worry about school. By Unknown on Oct 05 2012 at 12:18 PM
Public education is just another liberal scheme to bring our nation's children away from the True God and teach them materialism aka satanism. Let the immigrants have their brainwashing, us true American Patriots should be home schooling our children!
MY BELOVED NATION &# By Unknown on Jan 19 2017 at 7:12 PM
MY BELOVED NATION – So true… it reminds me of what I was just reading in the Book of Jugdse… about the children of Israel neglecting God. The pattern was always the same… after many years of idolatry God gave them up to foreign powers. When God withdrew His support nothing could save them. The good news is when they repented He restored them.
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