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Daon Lo no smarter than Toby

Daon Lo
Posted on Feb 03 2016 at 9:38 AM
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DAON LO love big Toby long time. He post right facts about guns, cars and cancer. In my native Vietnam, we no drive cars, Everyone have scooter with side car and still many people fall out and die of cancer from Agent Orange and other chemical in muddy puddles on dirty roads.

DAON LO not good with numbers like most Asian but he have common sense. Do US want to ban chemicals that make plant grow big strong? Or ban cars that get fast from one business to another so economy no grow? 

As I say in last post, guns is best thing to ever happen to Vietnam. I hate to see my new country turn Commie and ban freedom. Sorry to say that Toby be only right thinking black man I ever hear. All I hear is President O'Sambo be mad about no background check. He never get elected if he have background check as US learn he from Kenya and not true American. Real American like me and Toby want gun, car, and cancer for all!