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Daon Lo no like Jack Take

Daon Lo
Posted on Apr 10 2018 at 3:30 PM
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Me no like take from Jack Meoff about US Sniper movie. Sniper be doing God work. Maybe Jack need go to Iraq and see if he big man talk trash to hunk like Bradley Cooper- he still live with his Mama like good gooks do. Honor ancestors like duck in shop window.

Or he should go visit Commie place like Vietmam and see how tough life be. Easy for Big Man Jack to say all Snipers be bad but he never go to my old country. When naked girl run from Napalm flames like track star crossing finish line, maybe then he see how kill from distance be good. It make kill easy and that help everyone be more human. 

I like put Jack in cage and set him on fire alive. He not be such tough guy then. He need adult diaper as poop flow out his body. Great American Military Industrials Complex Depends on that product so we all keep buying and selling. If you not agree, I pray ISIS behead you like Afghan Buddha blown off side of mountain. Then Jack learn God be on sniper side after all.