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Daon Lo Love Baba Bush

Daon Lo
Posted on Apr 18 2018 at 11:48 AM
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All H-town so sad about Baba Bush be dead. As Vietnam immigrant and proud American, I have much love to all First Lady from Martha Washington onto Baba when they look like Lady Boy. 

Baba come to my adult bookstore once in dream to buy sex toys for “the little brown ones”as she call her grandchild’s.  I ask her “ Why not love the yellow ones Mrs Baba”.  She say, “If only my oldest son not be chicken and not go to Vietnam I might have yellow ones too DAON.”  Then we both laugh as I cut off head of chicken for Satan ritual she do later. 

I think back to when she say “Astrodome be nicer than your home” to Katrina victims and my eyes well with tears of crocodile. Whatever reptile she be, we here in petro Metro worship Baba like owl boiled in oil in forest. Rest in Piece Ms Pierce Crowley Bush!