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Daon Lo loves "Monsatan"

Daon Lo
Posted on Apr 11 2018 at 8:56 AM
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Many people ask DAON LO where he get rice for Vietnam restaurant. I only buy from big corporations like real American. MONSATAN Is favorite to me because many reason, include much good they do in my home country with chemicals like Agent Orange.

They also help food supply all around world. In India, farmer so happy with MONSATAN they literally kill themselves with joy. In America, they make special seed for all kind of grain-wheat, rice, whatever people need to eat. Then they get rid of all other seeds forever so farmer only can grow MONSATAN seed for rest of life. How smart this MONSATAN be! Who need many different plant when we all one planet?

DAON LO hear some seed bank in Norway holding all variety of seed in case meteor hit Earth. Maybe MONSATAN can drop Agent Orange on place so no hurt they money making. After all, in great capitalist country USA, to make money more important than keep people healthy.