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Daon Lo Did Build That

Daon Lo
Posted on Feb 03 2016 at 9:50 AM
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"If you've got a business, you didn't build that," says 'President'  BaMarx Lenin Obama. As a small business owner I can't believe the ignorance and arrogance of this communist. I own a combination Vietnamese restaurant and adult bookstore in Houston. I hand roll all the noodles. I put every egg roll in every bun myself. I spew the special sauces. How dare this insane Socialist tell me otherwise?

My father floated across the Pacific Ocean on a 2 by 4, fleeing the evil Communist system of my native Vietnam. He landed in the Pacific Northwest and became a proud American.

I love money, sex, and Clint Eastwood movies, particularly the one where he runs over dangerous Negroes in his Grand Torino. Now I find the dark "leader" of my adopted country brewing a hot pot of Pol Pot policies.

It is true I have some hired help in my adult bookstore. I have a girl at the front counter who chats up the customers. I have a boy who mops up the sticky floors in the back twice daily. But I built this business; no one's cum to help me, EVER. I've got toothpicks in my eyes now and am stuffing every fortune cookie in my company with the message: