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Cruz the Canuck

C. Wadsworth
Posted on Aug 22 2013 at 10:12 AM
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What's all this fuss about out great junior Senator Ted Cruz supposedly being born in Canada? No one gives a damn that our sitting President hatched in a Kenyan slum. At least Canada is a white nation with an advanced economy. The only reason Cruz' family was there was to work in the sacred oil industry in Calgary. If some pinko tree huggers want to make an issue of that, I'd like to slam my Exxon Valdez right up their Prince William Sound.

Consider the questionable birthplaces and maternal lineages of the OTHER 2016 Presidential Contenders:


In fact, coming from Canada may be a strength. The fact some socialized medicine "doctor" slapped his baby butt at birth served as a wake up call to Ted Cruz' awesome opposition to O'Commiecare. Watch as he trolls town meetings in Texas touting his titanic threat to shut down the entire federal government of Ba'Wreck MyO'wn Insurance if the "'President doesn't blink." Cruz is referring to the missile crisis on his patrimonial island of Cuba, where JFK, in his only worthwhile act as President, forced the shoe slamming thug Nikki Khrushchev to bat his eyebrows like Marilyn Monroe while she was banging the Presidential Timber. But I caution Cruz to be careful:  blinking could be like the click language of the Kung Bushmen in O'Liar's native Africa so who knows what the the illegitimate Marxist Muslim in the no longer White House would actually be communicating.



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