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Crocodile Tears at DNC

Jack O'Mahoff
Posted on Dec 13 2018 at 11:33 AM
Latest Articles | Jack O'Mahoff

If the democrats didn't hate freedom so much they never would have trotted out their little cryfest opening the Democratic National Convention last night. The Ariz. mother coming down on Romney for the way his plan would cut out her little daughter's health insurance when she goes over budget on her next heart surgery was the last straw. Half the Skull & Bones guys I knew at Yale are dead from heart attacks from just worrying about Obama's trying to rescind the Bush tax cuts. I myself nearly sold my villa in Spain, vacation house in Aspen, ten-bedroom beachfront bungalow in Galveston and my ranch in Mexico when Obama tried to rescind those cuts. Can you imagine!

Who do the democrats think is Paying for these luxury surgeries for their genetically mutant children? I'm sure Pat Robertson would agree that they wouldn't have defective children if they walked right with God. They've got a lot more nerve than brains or balls. When that black governor of Mass. told them all to grow a backbone, everybody watching Fox with me at the River Oaks Country Club nearly fell off the massage tables laughing. Democrat spinelessness has kept us all in business for as  long as any of us can remember. You can set your watch to their folding when one Republican says, "Boo," or repeats a lie 1,000 times to the stenographers in the press until the whole country believes it, like the weapons of mass destruction canard. Cheney started that one, got it to Judith Miller, one of our plants at the "liberal" NY Times. Give Big Dick credit. He is such a card! And I can hardly wait for the crocodile tear hilarity these democrats trot out next. Stay tuned. . .