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Coulter gets it

Anna Coldbottom
Posted on Feb 03 2016 at 9:34 AM
Latest Articles | Anna Coldbottom

Ann Coulter tweeted before the shooting even stopped in Conn. last week that it never would have happened if everybody carried a gun. 

Ann knows the righteous importance of guns, knows how they deter crimes, or sometimes mete out God's own justice. At a Florida church in 2007, she described the murder of an abortion doctor  as “a procedure performed on him with a rifle.” Ann may be childless, but you can't get more Pro Life than that.

Ann Coulter is one of those rare, brave souls that speaks truth to power. Let me add that we should immediately pass laws requiring that school administrators carry handguns. If those brave souls who charged the guy shooting them and the little kids with 30-round clips would have been properly armed, they probably could have shot him before he killed so many people.

If those six-or seven-year-olds had been packing, they could have taken that clown down themselves, instead of having to stand there and take several rounds apiece. Those kids are dead because liberals don't think they deserve the chance to defend themselves.

The liberal solution to disarm us all or take away our assault rifles is laughable. If we all carry our own guns, nobody will be laughing. Everybody will be respectful. Arming every school-age child would also solve the epidemic of school bullying, I would imagine.