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Cosby still a Good Daddy

C. Wadsworth
Posted on Apr 10 2018 at 3:22 PM
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What"s all this fuss about Bill Cosby allegedly being a serial rapist. I agree with our own Toby Thomas, These paleface pussies are all bald faced liars who just want to lynch another black man too big for their contracted love caves. So what if the over one dozen and counting stories fit a pattern. Cosby gives them a glass of wine and a pill for their "menstrual cramps". Then they wake up with him on top or in a robe or just grinning that famous smile while they claim foggy memories and disheveled clothes I Spy a group of gorgeous Gold diggers who don't like his famous finger pulling their tiny tight triggers. And Janice the Botox Bitch" Dickinson would clearly say or do anything to cling to any attention like the loving kind Cliff Huxtable gives during a date rape, So Bill Cosby stuck his chocolate Pudding Pop into a few mature skins. At least he didn't sneak into a 13 year old girl"s room and lay on top of her while she slept. I hear that kind of behavior messes up a women so bad she grows up to date Old C Wad. God Bless Bill Cosby for the laughs and lessons he has given through the years. The whole sordid story proves he really is America"s Dad, sexual and substance abuse with a side of sneaky lying,