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Cosby Innocent as Clarence Thomas

Toby Thomas
Posted on Apr 10 2018 at 3:30 PM
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The media be coming down on successful black man again, attacking my Dr. huxster man Bill Cosby. All these women be playing victim to take he money. If Bill wanna tap extra tail in his free time, that's his business. Ain't no media's business. This be a high tech lynching like the one Anita Hill give my judge Clarence Thomas cause she don't wanna watch Long Dong Silver use his piece on white women with the Judge. That's she racism. Clarence Thomas weren't no racist. He be king of equal opportunity, just taking what rightfully his by street code of highest position.  Cool Cos story same way, all the racist media printing these women stories just cause he be black. Successful black man got right to tap all the bitches he can, just like Whitey does that shit. Ain't nobody write about Whitey tapping tail, except maybe Slick Willie Clinton, but he democrat, so that be different. Kennedy got him a free pass for all the loose ass he tap, so media just evened score with Willie. Black man still way behind on the game, so get off Bill Cosby ass. He innocent man just taking what be his.