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Commies correct US Citizens

Jack O'Mahoff
Posted on Apr 11 2018 at 8:45 AM
Latest Articles | Jack O'Mahoff

 When English writer Evelyn Waugh first visited the U.S., he was required to complete paperwork that included the question: "Do you plan any subversive activities that would challenge the authority of the United States government?" Waugh wrote, "Sole purpose of visit." He was detained at Customs. Whenever he heard our mind-numbing, "Have a nice day," he responded, "I have other plans."

Political Correctness was a threat first trotted out by Joe Stalin to keep people quiet. The U.S. left  has taken the project to new heights to create and control consumer automatons. If you imagine yourself immune, think of something as simple as the limited discourse you engage in daily in offices, elevators, health clubs, bars, stores, restaurants, homes, virtually everywhere. When the mindless drone next to you says, "Have a nice day," how do you answer?

We need strong responses to snap people out of the tragic slumber that got Obama re-elected. Fire off one of these the next time some Commie orders you to, "Have a nice day."

a. I have other plans, Comrade.

b. You go to hell!

c. There will be no more nice days until we get a republican back in the white house.

d. I was planning to, until you said that.

e. Thanks for inviting me into your cult of mindless phrasing and Orwellian groupthink.

f. I don't need your permission. Fuck off.

g. Let's you and me have a nice day together, fellow traveler. Let's drink from a plastic garbage can of Kool-Aide. Obama has a FEMA brigade serving some up in Hoboken. I hear N.J. is lovely this time of year.

Bush Bonus: "Our enemies are innovative and resourceful, and so are we. They never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people, and neither do we." – George W. Bush, 5 August 2004

Sometimes, the truth hides hilariously in plain sight. We miss the clarity of George Bush, especially his tongue-in-cheek (foot-in-mouth) truthiness that could leave those not with us defecating in their crinkled khakis.