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Clipper Ship Combo

C. Wadsworth
Posted on Feb 03 2016 at 9:15 AM
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What's all this fuss about Donald Stirling's comments about not wanting his ex trophy skank's "ass running around with black people"? Keeping the plantation owners wife segregated from the sweating slaves is a long honored tradition in the American experience.

Because I happened to be in Southern California for the Long Beach to Ensenada yacht race, I saw first hand how the whipping the L.A ME stream TV gave poor old Donald (we've been on a first name basis since my ex-bitch used to own a slum on Alvarado near his proprieties) 

The bloviating bifurcated into two camps. The "field" argument held that 90 percent of the players in the NBA are black, So what? 100 percent of the owners are white. Michael "Token" Jordan doesn't count as they just cut him in so he wouldn't flee on his gambling debts.

The "house" contingent crowed that his girlfriend herself was mulatto, quadroon or octaroon.

Again, so what? From Thomas Jefferson to Jesse Helms, our greatest white Elites always prefer the dark meat: it's juicier, tastes better, and used to having small bones inside it.

My personal theory is that as soon as he saw the selfie of his poontang pressing against Magic Johnson, he immediately feared contracting HIV. We here at Houston Republican know no one with that God given plague can live a healthy life and that this conspiracy about current medications making it controllable and non contagious with minimal precautions are just another mass media diseased jizz shot.

The Final Outrage came when the NAACP (Now Apes Act Caucasian People) are taking away Stirling"s Lifetime Achievement Award? C Wad is hereby funding the Stirling Silverback Gorilla award for the best racist blast of the year. Call me, Donnie: you have my number.