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Merry X-mas from Europa

C. Wadsworth
Posted on Feb 03 2016 at 9:36 AM
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As promised, I have fled the socialist cesspool of OCommies America to spend a Joyeux Noel in EUROPA. My first stop in Amsterdam displayed why the capital of Dutch capitalism continues to kick and lick ass. EVERY SIN IS FOR SALE. Spliff, sex and suds abound. No Chink bitch on earth can compare with the happy ending blond beautiful Tinika offers on DAMESTRASSE FOR 50 EURO.

My next stop in BERLIN enlightened me to the fact that these Krauts have completely confronted their evil past. I spent a relaxing afternoon strolling the STASI and NAZI displays around Checkpoint Charlie, wondering when the USA will have the meatballs to open a museum about the CIA, FBI, and military industrial complex. JFK, RFK, MLK, MK ULTRA-just a diorama of K crimes could fill a hall of shame.

Instead I see whining wussies weep because a score of kids were shot down in some elementary school. Hell, that is small potatoes compared to the Afghan and Paki babies OKiller wastes every week with his secret drones. But I do not hear any ZOMBIE AMERICANS looking to ban bombs.

If my hypocritical country people really want to pray for peace at their pious services this Christmas, they should consider sedition. Otherwise, expect America to continue to be brutally sodomized by the Satanist Illuminati who truly rule the land of the free.

Happy Holidays!