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Christie's Right to know Nothing

Jack O'Mahoff
Posted on Feb 03 2016 at 9:45 AM
Latest Articles | Jack O'Mahoff

Our C. Wadsworth Longfellow takes New Jersey Governor Chris Christie to task for closing a New Jersey bridge to Ft. Derrick where the democratic mayor needed a comeuppance for not endorsing Fats in his reelection bid last month. What's the big deal?

So what if an old lady died because some bridge lanes were blocked for a couple days? Under the new Obamacare healthcare system she never would have made it past the President's death panels anyway. The ER boys would have been forced by Obamacare to refuse to put her on a gurney and wheel her to ICU even if her ambulance driver had made it through the stopped traffic before she died.

Either way, Christie's reaction is perfect. He is perfectly right to be shocked, shocked, that some vicious underling vigilantes closed some bridge lanes to jam up Jersey for a couple days.

Fats' denials are just right for the occasion. Like a good citizen from Hitler's Weimar Republic or Hogan's Heroes' Sargeant Schultz, the best course of action is to repeat, "I know nothing." Plausible denial, Baby. It worked not just for Germans but for Reagan and Bush in Iran-Contra and October Surprise, Bush II for Sept. 11 and the Katrina disaster, and for Obama himself at Ben Ghazi.

Pleading ignorance is always a good idea, a capital play, especially for a politician. Party on, Fats!