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Chris Christie is a Big Fat Pussy

C. Wadsworth
Posted on Nov 04 2018 at 1:57 PM
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I'm madder than Superstorm Sandy slamming into the Yankee shore at New Jersey Governor Chris "Diabetes Obesity" Christie giving "President" "B'Roll-in Help-much O"Handout" praise for flying into his disaster zone and taking credit for Federal assistance to his devastated state. I thought Governor Twinkie was a real Republican, dedicated to purging the Socialist Scalawag in the no Longer White House from ever serving a second term. Instead I am sickened like a Japanese eating Fukushima sushi watching his roly poly unholy form helicoptering in and touring the carnage with the HNIC on a thinly veiled campaign stop, praising the undead Kenyan for bloviating with the blubbery governor on his personal cell phone number.

Shut your thick lying lips, Governor Fattie, and quit pimping the illegitimate Muslim Marxist with a last boost before the red-blooded native American electorate votes his Commie ass back  to  whatever island (Hawaii, Indonesia, Lake Tanganyika) he came from. I suspect Governor Groupie only praised the Mulatto in Chief because he thought the limousine liberal rock star he worships, Bruce "Illuminiati" Springsteen, would finally put his louche lard legs on the Pest List for a concert. In reality, "The Boss" (Mafia Media Mogul) hates everything Governor Corpulent stands for and would Drive All Night to Ramrod this Backstreet blunderbuss right off Thunder Road into A Wreck on the Highway. 

In Your Hometown, the Local Hero and the Part Man Part Monkey in the Mansion on the Hill share an evil Roll of the Dice. It is up to us  to stop The Rising of their Brothers Under the Bridges on November 6, so Mitt "Born in the USA" and Paul "This Hard Land" Ryan can truly turn The Promised Land we inherited into a Badlands of unfettered capitalist Magic!!