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Chik-fil-A Away the Gay

Toby Thomas
Posted on Feb 03 2016 at 9:51 AM
Latest Articles | Toby Thomas

From Chicken George to George Foreman grills, my peeps is known for loving they chicken. Probably the bests in the US of A is Chick-fil-A. it's just pickle in bun with a fried cock inside, Now I loves em even more that I know they hate the gays too.

When I heard Chick-fil-A gave their moneys to the all-white religious right, I said, "Hold the Mayo til I'm all in." And with a bone to pick my size, that'll take a while! Me and Mick Buckabee agree – go eat as much Chick-fil-A as you can so you can get diabetes quicker and overload Obamacare.

I like Popeyes, cause he's a sailor with good ole Nawlins spice. I loves KFC cause it sounds like a rappers name. I loves Churches cause that's their named after the HIUSE where Gos hates the gays. But Chick-fil-A is nos my go to spot until we kick BaRooster "Extra Crispy" O'Nugget right back to Kenya where he come from