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Celebrate Thanksgiving at Underprivileged Belly

C. Wadsworth
Posted on Feb 03 2016 at 10:10 AM
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I would like to invite all our loyal readers to celebrate this Thanksgiving at our wonderful new restaurant UNDERPRIVILEGED BELLY on Upper Kirby. Our wetbacks have been tasked to create a special holiday feast featuring C Wad's favorite foods: 

Appetizer: Red White and Blue Jello Salad Main Course: Wild Turkey machine gunned by local hunters, glazed with 101 Proof Wild Turkey Side Dishes: Cream of Mushroom Soup Green Bean Casserole, Corn,  Wheat Stuffing, all proudly made with Monsanto GMO Produce

Dessert: Sweet Potato Pie in the shape of Texas OR Tres Leches Cake with Transgenic Soy Milk, Bovine Growth Hormone Milk AND Mexican Madre Breast Milk.

We will time our meal to begin at 1pm so we can all watch God's Team The Dallas Cowboys throttle the evil Philadelphia Eagles, just like real Texas cowboys do to bald eagles and any other endangered species we damn well feel like killing. 

We hope to have a full house. Jack O"Mayoff and Yours Truly will make opening remarks, The Right Reverend Bohner and Rabbi Morty will say Grace, Anna ColdBottom and Leah Nice will serve the meal, Toby Thomas will clean up afterwards and Daon Lo will launder the linens. 

Reservations are being accepted NOW. Cost is only a C Note per person and includes all the Fracking chemicals you can drink!