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Don't Cry for Me, Papa Francis

C. Wadsworth
Posted on Feb 03 2016 at 9:46 AM
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While I haven't decided whether boy buggery or ass abstinence is more unnatural, I do know for damn sure that the current media jizz shot over the Papists erecting a new leader to slam his sick scepter of backwards ignorance into global consciousness is no cause for celebration.

If these preening cardinals would simply lock themselves in the Sistine Chapel until the end of their miserable lives, their abortion of a religion would die out as God intended while they masturbated over Michelangelo's David rather than raping another group of innocent altar boys. When I hear a man of God say he preaches poverty, I reach for my wallet. And I never keep my leather in my rear pocket while priests are bending down in "prayer" behind me. Have you ever seen the amount of gold stolen by the conquistadors stored in the cathedrals of Europe? The only Curia for the massive hypocrisy of this 500 year fleecing is for these wolves to pull their staffs of life out of their sheep and give the money back to the natives they ruthlessly ravaged.

Maybe this withered hunk of Argentine beef steak will be different than his racist, sexist and simultaneously homophobic and pedophiliac colleagues. However, I wouldn't bet their cum mired mitres, booze soaked collars, or blood stained robes on it.