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Cars, Cancer worse than Guns

Toby Thomas
Posted on Feb 03 2016 at 9:37 AM
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The CDC says 32,885 people died by cars in 2010, 556,000 died by cancer, and only 31,513 died by guns. The smarties round here like to make fun of old Toby's math, but I can count good enough to see them numbers mean cars and cancer is both worse than guns. You think different? You think you're smarter than old Toby? If we be banning anything, let's start with the most dangerous and work down is the only thing makes sense. Fix one thing at a time and go from there. Ban your cars and that probably take care of half your gun killings, with drivebys and whatnot. Where I grew up in Chicago in Cabrini Green, most gun killings was gangs driving by and poppin caps in each others' asses. If they got no cars to shoot from, those numbers be goin down fast. Cars give people an escape after they killin but if they got no escape they stop all they killin.

Next thing you want to ban is all the things that causes cancer, why don't ya? About 556,000 of U.S. peoples died of cancer in 2010. (443,000 of tobacco products) Check me if I'm wrong but that's at least 500,000 more than killed by guns. Even old Toby knows cancer be caused by crap in the environment, poison chemicals and such. Why we not be banning them cancer chemicals first, if people be so put out and riled up by just 31,000 gun deaths? It don't make no sense, but you go right on thinking you smarter than old Toby, like all these smarties here at Just don't be crying to me about no gun deaths cause that be such a small part of your total problems.