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MIddle East Madness: A Simple Solution

C. Wadsworth
Posted on Feb 03 2016 at 9:36 AM
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I'm madder than a Muslim finding out Mohammed is a pedophile at these Arab street protests. They already have one of their fellow travelers and tribesmen as our President. What more do these ignorant ragheads want? I can tell you what they should get. A Tomahawk chop right in their covered skulls.How dare they attack our embassies, especially on the sacred day of 9/11. These human termites deserve a dousing of thermite in their hummus.

Thank God for the strong response from future President Mitt Romney. He told these drooling fools exactly where they could go: straight to the hell their gutter religion already condemns them to spend eternity in,Why pussyfoot around with these scruffy street thugs?  I advocate a simple policy in the Middle East: KICK THEIR ASS AND TAKE THEIR GAS.

For too long now, "President" Brotherhood Hussein OArabSpring has given his co-religionists every damn item on their subversive agenda. I am tired of my tax money going to these Israel bashing imbeciles. It is time the dollars we pour into our glorious defense yield some results: piles of dead Arabs on my TV screen ASAP.

Finally, I want to praise Pastor Terry Jones and the makers of the film expose the Innocence of Muslims, which reveals the demonic nature of the so-called Prophet Mohammed. This violent misogynistic prick was actually a demon from the nether regions worshipped by mobs of moronic Muslims whose immediate genocide would make the Earth a more peaceful place. if these dumb punks in Libya, Egypt, Yemen, Iran or wherever the hell else they congregate like pissants in the desert want trouble, they came to the right place. I suggest we nuke Mecca next time these screeching buggery addicted grease balls harm another hair on a sacred American head, That will put them back in their rightful place beneath us on the cycle of civilizations.