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C. Wad cums down for Mitt

C. Wadsworth
Posted on Dec 13 2018 at 11:34 AM
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As I read the post of my esteemed colleague Jack O'Mahoff, I had to agree that every right thinking Republican evangelical Christian has to harbor doubts about the Mormon "religion" and electing one of its brainwashed minions, Mitt Romney, as President of our blessed land. However, after considerable consultation with conscience, I've decided to cram a catheter in my consciousness and let my vote flow to Mitt.

The old cliche is that voting is a choice between the evil of two lessers. Certainly, I regret our Grand Old Party picked this cultist corporate stiff instead of the vastly superior candidates we had (hunky Rick Perry or well- read Sarah Palin). However, we have to subsume our disgust with Romney's bizarre spiritual beliefs and keep our eyes on the prize. Defeating the illegitimate sodomite Marxist currently occupying the no longer White House is priority one-one million!!!

BaJoke Homolover O'Baboon is the worst disgrace to ever occupy high office in our God fearing land. His Godless Communist economics and sick social engineering soar exponentially beyond Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, the Elders of Zion-pick your dictators. I chose to remove this black blot on our glorious history by any means necessary-even a teetotaling plastic freak who wears weird underwear and thinks the ancient Israelites became the Native Americans. VOTE ROMNEY IN 2012 FOR AMERICA AND GOD'S SAKE!!!!!!!