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Food Stamps: put me in charge

C. Wadsworth
Posted on Feb 03 2016 at 9:43 AM
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Recently I received a brilliant forward purportedly written by a 21 year old female (not a woman, not a girl) about how to wean the 47 percent sick leeches off the Government Nanny"s bloated teat. This budding young flower of Republican virgin-hood is certainly on the right track, but she needs Old C. Wad here to break her hymen until she calls me Daddy.

PUT ME IN CHARGE of food stamps. Fuck hunks of government cheese, rice and beans. bread and water only, except for whatever silverfish, roaches and other insects these parasites can scavenge. If you want food, get a job.

PUT ME IN CHARGE of Medicaid. Fuck Norplant and drug tests: no health care whatsoever.Quit clogging emergency rooms with your ailments, Spread your pathogens on the streets with the rest of your diseased ilk. If you want medicine, get a job.

PUT ME IN CHARGE of government housing, Lock these income deprived scum in a dank cell in Gitmo or really in any empty prison.For electricity, they can peddle stationary bicycles attached to portable generators. If you want shelter, get a job.

IN ADDITION, you MUST have a job to obtain any of the above largess. if you refuse to work, the 13th Amendment will not apply to your lazy ass. Before you carp that I have taken away your "rights", remember that rights come with a word you have never heard: "responsibility".

YOU are responsible for your own poverty, YOU are responsible for your own illnesses. YOU are responsible for the state of the economy and, in fact, all objective reality.GOD is punishing you for your sorry sinning soul. YOU will never be one of the Elect.The current Cosmos only rewards bad choices if YOU have been specially selected by GOD.

FINALLY, if you want to VOTE, get a job and learn to vote Republican or we will dunk your Democrat thumb in poisonous dye the next time you dare to exercise your franchise.

NOW top that, Young Lady, or climb on top of me so together we can make nice white babies to take back our degenerating nation.