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C Wad cums on Dem Candid Dates

C Wad Drunk
Posted on May 01 2019 at 3:35 PM
Latest Articles | C Wad Drunk

Anna Coldbottom’s latest facial about Gropin’ Joe Biden’s nasty habit of smelling the hair, rubbing the shoulders, fondling the forearms etc. etc. of every tiny tot in reach makes me realize that the DNC fishy fix is likely in for the former “Vice” Press, but I still must note some quick takes on a few of the dozens of contenders for the Iron Throne currently held by Winner and Still Heavyweight Champion God Emperor Trump.

1. Kamala Hairless – Actually, she has the hair of Zira from Planet of the Apes, the pounding pedigree with Beneath the Sheets of San Francisco Mayor Brown’s Willie, and the Hebrew husband necessary to win any Bankster War Party, but can a Quadroon Push Start Indian really win? Signs say “No”.

2. Beto O’Soy – Watching this fake Spic stand on dinner tables waving his arms like the bastard child of Bobby Kennedy and Gumby only makes me realize the P.C. Nazis of his Party won’t let hm sit at the lunch counter with the oppressed cool kids crowd.

3. Pete Buttplug – This twink has the advantages of sodomite Street cred yet he’s really just Beto on all fours. He should go back to South Bend where he can bend over some altar boys on the Notre Dame campus with his voting bloc of pedophile priests.

4. Pocahontas – Any Knoblock, Kristin Gillenhaal aka Tina Rutnik et all women- After Killery couldn’t add the Donald to the Clinton Hit List, no white woman has a chance.

5. Bernie – Bernie’s my favorite Commie Jew since they axed Trotsky in a Meskin Room.

6. Eric Sawllowell – Booker T and the MG’s, Hick and Looper, etc etc - Who?

If I were cursed to acquire, through Alzheimer’s, alcohol abuse, or tertiary syphilis, “Democrat-ia”- an ultra modern Intersectional mental disorder where logical reasoning dissolves and only the far left frontal lobe remains in your brain, I would vote for either Tulsi Gabbard-a hot Hawaiian Hindu who hates our foreign wars - or Andrew Yang - a high tech Chink entrepreneur who wants to give everyone $1000 a month for free from the Federal Gubmint. Maybe the Two of them can form a rocket to the top ticket “Gab My Yang” or at least open a good Asian restaurant together.

Otherwise..the MAGA juggernaut rolls on. . . TRUMP 2020!!