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C-Harlots and Commies

C. Wadsworth
Posted on Apr 12 2018 at 9:57 AM
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Watching the wave of weirdos and whack jobs wailing away at the opening night of the Democrat Politburo only reminded me how sick these weak pusillanimous pussies really are. "Congenital heart defects" are endemic to Republicans but you don't see us cry to the Government Nanny to suckle endlessly on the Obamacare teat. if our citizens followed the rigorous P90X workout, they would epitomize the survival of the fittest mentality of future VP Paul Ryan.

What kind of political party picks someone named Castro as their keynote speaker? Crafty Commie who hide their Marxist agenda behind vacuous rhetoric like exploding cigars.The pious parade of homos, bimbos and Negroes culminated tin the bloviating blabber of the Babooness in Chief swatting her paws in praise of her punk ass partner. When MeHell claimed BaRook  "doesn't see us or them or Republican vs. Democrat", she accidentally spewed the truth. He sees Americans as cogs in a Muslim Socialist plot to destroy the greatest country in human history.  But we here at see through to the black Godless core of these traitors and haters and God willing, so will our holy polity before it is too late!!