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Smite the Sodomites!

C. Wadsworth
Posted on Feb 03 2016 at 10:38 AM
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My fellow poster Jack O'Mayhoff has provided the missing link in the weather forecast for next week's Republican Convention in Tampa Bay. The Lord is sending Hurricane Isaac to smite the sodomite RINOS who plan to corrupt our God-sanctioned gathering.

As Pat Robertson told us He did in New Orleans with Katrina, The Deity's hot breath will blow and blow and blow wet winds of wisdom on the sick staffs of the demonic delegates who choose to embrace in deviant ways. God will not sit idly bi (sic) and tap his foot in some tearoom. He will actively slam His sword of justice into this bevy of buggery-addicted bums and fellatio loving frauds.

I urge all righteous Christian Republicans to immediately cancel plans to attend this conclave of perverts. From Tampa Bay gays to Medicare addicted elderly, the entire phallic shaped state of Florida is in danger of extinction if it continues its sphincter tightening grip around the illegitimate  Muslim Marxist currently ramming our blessed land into the Lake of Fire.