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Brown Baby Blues

C. Wadsworth
Posted on Apr 10 2018 at 3:29 PM
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I'm madder than an El Salvador nun without a gun at these brown babies and Mamas flooding into our blessed country. I'd like to drain the Rio Grande that flows down my urethra every morning all over these undocumented scum and watch them float on a self deportation stream back to whatever Central American landfill they are fleeing. 

I agree with hunky Rick Perry (love the cute trendy glasses- must be a hit at Uncle Charlie's) that "President" O'Beaner "doesn't care about closing the border". He needs it open to keep his coke dealers happy as well as pimping his supply of cheap young boy "body men". 

MY solution is view this human detritus as a natural and human resource. We should take the fertile women, round them into cattle pens and artificially inseminate them with white male semen like we do salmon in the Pacific Northwest. At least we will have half white offspring to release into the wild to help take back our darkening polity. 

As to the pure bred babies, fatten their asses into livestock. I have plenty of rich friends ready to invest their fracking profits into a "Farm to Table" cannibal cafe on Upper Kirby. Call it "Underprivileged Belly".  Sample Table d'hôte: Guatemalan foie gras terrine (with a smidgen of local terrain), Honduran hunk of human ribs (with a demiglasse of kid blood) and for dessert Tres Leches from their Mama's boobs (no dry silicone sacks on these au natural belles). 

Go tell "Jah" Johnson to slap that idea in a press release and you'll see these little refugees hop off the top of those trains faster than the Mexican Jumping Beans I used to keep in my pocket as a child!