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Chechen Scumbags

C. Wadsworth
Posted on Feb 03 2016 at 9:44 AM
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Like the rest of US, I have been following the breaking news about the Boston Massacre. While it is too early to rush to judgments, that has never stopped me before.

First, let me officially add Chechens to our enemies list. What little I know about them already made me hate their foreign guts.Their capital is named after a spaghetti sauce (PRAGUE), their Pilsner beer is named after the Negro geek kid on Family Matters (URKEL) and they strut around Texas claiming to have invented BBQ, when everyone knows the Aryan Germans did.

Second, I have to praise the strong paramilitary response in this manhunt. Putting the entire liberal hotbed of Boston on lockdown is the best idea since LBJ and the Texas oil men blew out JFK's brains in downtown Dallas. I only hope that while these holy Christian police are trampling the 4th Amendment with their door tom door warrantless searches, they go ahead and quarter themselves in every dwelling in that Yankee hellhole, thereby knocking out the 3rd Amendment as well. The overrated "civil liberties" of the Bill of Rights are already on life support so why not bomb them into oblivion so the Chink chick, little kid and hot marathon woman will not have died in vain.

Finally, I am glad to see President O'CryBaby finally grow a pair and allow law enforcement to do its job of sweeping the streets of terrorist scum and indeed all lawful commerce.The next time we whine about Vladimir Putin posing like a beefed up stud on a horse, remember he has been warning for years about the Chechen threat. We could use a strong Stalin-esque leader like him instead of the miserable secret Sodomites we seem stuck with.