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1.  Public Citizen

2.  Stephen Colbert

3.  Barack Obama

4.  Greg Palast

5.  Bev Harris

6.  Ed Schultz

7.  Rachel Maddow

8.  Bill Moyers

9.  Jeff Rense

10. thinkprogress



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Black on Black

Toby Thomas
Posted on Feb 03 2016 at 10:09 AM
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I"s a don believe the posts here that says Paul Ryan dated a Negress. Like sticks to like,Cept for my bothers in the NBA who date chicks that look like Ryan"s wife. No sir, I don't believe it one bit from either end. None of my honky republican friends would ever Thomas Jefferson a Sally Hemings, And there dam sure ain't no sista who would take a shriveled Wisconsin noodle leesin it was forced on her.

I used to think this site was the Gospel truth but now I"m havin my doubts, Next youse be tellin me that Sarah Palin banged Glenn Rice.