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Black Man not murdered by NYC Cops

Jack O'Mahoff
Posted on Feb 03 2016 at 9:19 AM
Latest Articles | Jack O'Mahoff

The liberal press and various "Civil Rights" or U.S. Constitution-quoting nutjobs posting tripe on the internet would have us believe that New York City cops murdered a black man, even lynched him on the steets this week. Nothing could be further from the truth. Eric Garner, a 400-lb. father of six, was not only not murdered by New York City's finest; he was treated with the enormous (yes, pun intended) courtesy and respect due a man of his stature. Mr. Garner was politely told to surrender, to cease speaking and resisting (in a tight spot, even heavy breathing can be legally viewed as an affront to law enforcement), and when he failed to follow orders, the brave officers had no choice but to kill him.

Top 10 Reasons why a Black Man was not Lynched in NYC

Any reasonable person watching this video will see there are ten good reasons why you cannot call this a murder in broad daylight by New York City's finest.

10. Garner failed to genuflect to the badges all around him.

9. Garner sounded distressed, may have needed to be Heimliched. Failing to perform the Heimlich Maneuver on a choking man could have landed the officers in all kinds of hot water.

8. The brave officer who choked Garner out and then knelt on his head and neck to finish him off after he was cuffed by equally brave others, appeared to be trying to put him in a friendly bear hug to lower his anxiety level. Death by overzealous affection does not a murder make.

7. The cops were all White. Any Black man surrounded by White men must observe certain unwritten protocol, which Garner clearly failed to observe.

6. Garner raised his voice to the police. Now that we live in a police state, that is fair grounds for any violent reaction from police, who must now assume that every civilian they see is their mortal enemy.

5. As a Black man, Garner should have been well aware of most White men's fascination with bringing down large Black men. Show me one man who doesn't enjoy NFL football and I'll show you a faggot. Don't tell me a guy his size had never been gang tackled before, or expected to be.

4. In our post 911 police state, all law enforcement exist only to protect us. Garner's arm waving action clearly implied he failed to understand that fact.

3. Police can command anyone to do anything, anytime, anyplace, period, end of story. Anyone failing to understand that deserves to be murdered, but of course this man was not murdered.

2. Garner's failure to cry "Uncle" once he was taken down marked him as an agitator, or worse, perhaps an illegal alien unfamiliar with real American culture. In the game of "Uncle," every real American knows the safe word to cease such hijinks is "Uncle," not "I can't breathe." The aggressor is always well within his rights to finish someone off for failing to utter the right word. 

1. Garner was loitering, potentially obstructing the street where commerce must be allowed to thrive. Anyone blocking threatening commerce must be removed immediately, with deadly force if necessary.

Nothing to see here, Folks! Move along and have a nice day! (That's an order.)